About Us


Ron Petty, Owner

Ron, Becky, Elizabeth & Tyler, Blake & Megan, Courtney, John Michael


Mike Petty, Owner

Mike, Mescha, Kate, Mason


Kevin Robinson, Customer Service Representative

Aiden, Nathan, Kayla, Beverly, Kevin, Kiersten, Kassie, and Michael

Experienced and Dedicated


The partners of Precision Dentworks the Hail Repair Center, Mike and Ron Petty have over 30 years experience in the paintless dent repair industry.  

Precision Dentworks has serviced and continues to service accounts all over the United States including:  BMW Manufacturing Plant S.C.,  Adessa Auto Auction Nationwide, Enterprise Rental Car Co,  corporate/private body shops, automotive dealerships and private customers.

Our Goal and Commitment

Our goal and commitment at The Hail Repair Center is to deliver exceptional customer service and help you through the process to achieve the best solution and repair for you automobile.